Tracy Mendez

Dear Rae, Ellie and the rest of Scott's beloved family, thank you so much for sharing this history. Although I've known Scott through Rae for many years, I learned so much rich detail about his life to complement my awareness of him exactly as you describe - full of life, love, adventure, generosity, spirit and joy. I know that all of Rae's friends felt so happy for her and supported by him - we all love you Scott! I wish I had known you in your motorcycle restaurant days but I'm so glad you chose Austin so you could meet Rae and create Ellie and the beautiful compound community together. This story inspires me to be live a fuller more expansive life in Scott's image :) I will miss you very much and I know there are many grieving people who are missing and celebrating you across the world. I look forward to sharing memories with this community later in May. Scott, you made a great life for yourself and your people. I'm so sorry it was cut short.

In love and gratitude,